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2018: Japan will experience the warmest season this year

On the March 14, recorded that half of  Kanto Regon is reaching up to 24 degree Celsius, it will be already warm in May as a whole throughout the country. Amid these circumstances, there are voices raising concerns about the cherry blossoms unexpectedly from concerned parties.

Central Tokyo will experience the warmest season of the year. The cold cherry blossoms in the staggered cherry blossoms are in full bloom in a cheerful manner in early May. Besides, the buds is already sprouting in pink color not too soon and it will reach it’s full blossoming in some areas early . However, there will seem to have a problemif if it gets bloomed too soon. The stairway festival of Chidori keibei is scheduled from 29th this month.

Chiyoda Ward Tourism Association · Yoshio Yoshida Executive Director: “I think it may not be ready in time for blooming too soon” on the 14th, about half of the nation’s observation sites recorded the warmth of this year on the 14th. Isesaki in Gumma prefecture is 24.9 degrees before summer season. The cold winter stands out the warmth of the last few days.

Source: ANN News

2018: Japan will experience the warmest season this year
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