Aichi: Rap Battles

“Saikyo”, a japanese word which means “the strongest“ or “the best”, is the most recent rap battle event organized by Nagoya’s very own 052 RAP BATTLES group. It was held last Sunday night, March 25, 2018 at the Flex Lounge in Sakae in Nagoya City, Aichi. After series of concerts abroad, famous Philippine rappers MCs Loonie, Apekz, Mike Swift, Aklas and Abra again came to Japan and together with local rapper artists from Tokyo, Osaka and Aichi, performed their freestyle battle tracks with Filipino originality and style. The individual rap battles were very interesting to watch. Of course there were profane language, intimidation, boasting and insults from the MCs but these are all in the true spirit of rap, rhythmic, lyrical and very vernacular.

There were also very funny moments and these were indeed well-received by the Filipino fans and supporters. “Saikyo“ was the 4th Filipino rap battle event ever held in Nagoya history, all produced and organized by two very good friends, musician-DJ Ronnie Maniquis (MC Toneloker) and MC Dustin Durante (MC Double D), collectively known as 052 RAP BATTLE in Facebook. Truly a very entertaining alternative event for the Filipino audience.

By: Jean Nakahashi

Aichi: Rap Battles
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