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Beware of “hay fever” this coming season.

On the March 6, due to heavy  rainfall and strong winds, I think that many people were concerned about pollen. In fact, now, there are cases of pollinosis and cases of influenza at the same time. This “influenza hay fever” may be severe.

infected individual may feel their nose muzzles. The hardest season came this year which is spring where cases of hay fever rises. The influenza epidemic did not stopped and still continues even in March, and there are reported cases of influenza with hay fever. When you get on flu, throat pilus which eliminates foreign body is damaged and the immune function decreases. At that time pollen comes in …. Pollen can not go out, resulting in severe consequences.

Ikebukuro Otani Clinic · Yoshio Otani Director: “(Q. When becoming severe …?) you can not stop coughing just before the asthma attacks.The triggering factor of the asthma attack is severe that you can not sleep (due to cough etc.) causing pain also on ribs (roots) Sometimes the risk of asthma and bronchial asthma increases, ”

In  addition, if symptoms of influenza and hay fever are developed at the same time, there is also the possibility of spreading influenza virus by sneezing or coughing due to hay fever. So, how do you deal with it? An inner mask added to a commercially available mask for a while. Wrap the cosmetic cotton rounded with gauze and apply another piece of gauze to the part of the nose. According to the Ministry of the Environment, any type of mask on the market can cut pollen by 99% by this alone. Why do not you try it this season when the painstaking continues.

Source: ANN News

Beware of “hay fever” this coming season.
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