Crispy strawberries still available even if it is out of season

Do you know the season of strawberries? The correct answer is around December to April, it is said that during these months the temperature is not high. However, despite midsummer, there is a place where strawberries is still available and crispy.

Strawberry farm in Utsunomiya City. This day is a summer day exceeding 30 degrees. However, a strawberry that should have a season in cold season was available. Normally, summer strawberries are often shipped as sweets because of their strong acidity, but why are these strawberries still sweet and can be eaten as they are? There was a surprising reason there. The reason was the site of a quarry int this place. It is said that Oya stone known as a building material was digged out about 45 years ago, but what is the relationship with strawberry cultivation? Even in summer the secret of a sweet strawberry was in the groundwater where rainwater and others are flowing. The water temperature is as low as 4 degrees to 7 degrees, which is perfect for summer strawberry cultivation. The cold groundwater carried to the farmers by the pipe and passes to the seedlings of strawberries. By doing this, the seedlings are cooled down and felt as winter, and even in the summer they will make sweet fruit. Its name with cold groundwater is Otani Natsu Ichigo. Parfait is popular locally. This Otani summer strawberry can be purchased at the road station now in Utsunomiya city, but is said that there are plans to expand the sales to other areas further in the future.

Source: ANN News

Crispy strawberries still available even if it is out of season
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