Heaviest rainfall on this year results to “spring storm” to certain areas

Rain became stronger in Kanto in the morning.

On the morning of the 9th in the spring storm, it is the heaviest rain this year in the Kanto region, as well as landslides and floods in East Japan etc. one after another. The center of great storm has moved to northern Japan, and future vigilance is necessary.

Rain became stronger in Kanto in the morning due to the influence of the low pressure passing through northern Japan and eastern Japan, and we observed very heavy rain of 72.5 mm / hour in Ebina City, Kanagawa Prefecture. In Yokohama-shi Aoba-ku, the soil of the mountain facing the intersection collapses and one lane on the road can not pass. In addition, evacuation instructions were issued to one household because there was a possibility that the backyard would collapse. In addition, in Kanagawa Prefecture, evacuation advisory was issued to 265 households in 131 households temporarily exceeding flood risk levels in rivers such as Sakagawa. According to JR East Japan, the railroads of Sagami Line were flooded and it was temporarily suspended between Samukawa station and Atsugi station. In Kamaishi city, Iwate Prefecture, convenience stores and parking lots are flooded and damage is taking place. Evacuation recommendations were issued to about 7,300 households, 16,000 people, in the entire Otsuchi Town, Iwate prefecture. In March of Miyagi ken Kesennuma, we recorded the largest amount of rain in the history of observation. Five roads in the city were flooded due to the rain, followed by a series of road closure and others. The weather today is very rough, mainly in the Pacific side of Kita Japan, heavy rain, floods, windstorm warnings are announced in various places. Vigilance is necessary in the evening.

Source: ANN News

Heaviest rainfall on this year results to “spring storm” to certain areas
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