Nagoya. What’s Japan’s 4th largest city hiding?

Japan, Nagoya – Home to Toyota and the birthplace of pachinko, Japan’s fourth-largest city is a commercial powerhouse with a lesser-known cosmopolitan side that has plenty to offer visitors.
The capital of Aichi Prefecture in the central Chubu Region of Japan, Nagoya is a bustling hub of commerce and manufacturing. These industrial roots might be what has given Nagoya its undeserved reputation as one of the country’s most boring metropolises, however, the city is far from strictly business.
Often only seen by tourists out the window of the shinkansen (bullet train) as they travel between Tokyo and Kansai, Nagoya is a sleek, modern locale with plenty of green spaces. Its wide streets and convenient public transportation networks make the city a breeze to travel around, while its central location means it’s an ideal base for day trips to other areas of Japan.
Nagoya boasts great shopping opportunities, particularly in downtown Sakae and around Nagoya station. Be sure to stop by Oasis 21, a shopping complex nearby Nagoya Tower, with its impressive large oval glass roof structure that seemingly floats above ground level. Snap a few photos, grab some souvenirs and try some local dishes like Nagoya’s local delicacy, kishimen. These broad, flat noodles are similar to udon, and usually served in a rich broth.
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Nagoya. What’s Japan’s 4th largest city hiding?
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