“DEOCO’s Uncle”

Product Release: “DEOCO’s Uncle”
One of the most talked about social media topics in Japan is about the DEOCO product line. Have you heard?
It is a line of body soap and deodorant that Rohto has launched especially for women over 30 years. Over the years the smell exhaled by the body of women changes, diminishing the sweet aroma. The Japanese call it “student smell”.
The DEOCO product line contains two substances called Lacton C10 and C11 responsible for the sweet aroma of younger women. It is like rejuvenating the smell of your body.
After launch, the line was very successful with women according to the manufacturer’s goal but what caught the eye is that DEOCO began to be consumed by men, ending the inventory of numerous points of sale. That’s right!
They started using DEOCO to improve the aroma exhaled by their body. They say it is not a very strong aroma and do not smell the same as the students but feel good using the product.
These men are being called “DEOCO’s Uncle” and this is the subject that is being talked about a lot on social networks.

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Source: Yahoo News

“DEOCO’s Uncle”
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