Family Stay Visa Holder: All You Need to Know

Family Stay Visa Holder

Greener pastures in Japan are tantamount to hard work and perseverance. These are bittersweet realities that cannot be denied nor escaped from, most especially by fellow Filipinos who are dreaming to make it big in the “Land of the Rising Sun.” But, are there exceptions in searching for ideal jobs regardless of their nature and compensation worth it? Well, there are some specific laws to follow particularly for people who have a different type of visa. According to Japanese laws, there are some jobs that do not require a visa holder to work in any capacity. On the other hand, a Family Stay Visa Holder allows a person to work provided that the applicant will seek a permit which provides the permission to engage in any activity that is not included in the bounds of a Family Stay Visa for example.

Bago magsimula sa inyong trabaho, lagi  ninyo dapat dadalhin ang mga kaukulang permit (maging Family VISA man ito o iba pa) upang maiwasan ang mga legal na issues.


Paano Magkaroon ng Family Stay Visa?

As far as securing the said permit is concerned, this is so easy to obtain.

Best of all, it is immediately approved by the Japanese immigration. However, the said permit does not provide an individual any opportunity to work in a Japanese club. In general, a Family Stay Visa Holder is allowed to exercise his or right to work in Japan provided that you have the necessary permit to do so. On the contrary, a tourist visa holder is strictly prohibited to work in Japan.


To apply for a Family Stay Visa, you need to download an application form via this link:



Japan’s social structure and immigration laws are worth emulating. Hindi na dapat pagtakhan  pa kung bakit ang bansang  ito ay isa sa mga Economic Tigers of Asia at kung bakit maraming indibidwal o maging pamilya man ay nais tumira at magtrabaho dito.


Image Credit: Filipino family by Henry Lopez via Wikimedia Commons

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