310 units still left to clear on 1500 cars stucked in snow

Due to the recorded heaviest snowfall since decades ago, in Fukui prefecture the car that has been stucked  has been on it’s third day since the outbreak. On national highway No. 8 crossing Fukui prefecture and Ishikawa prefecture, on the 6th of February, about 1,430 cars on the vertical line could not move because of hevy snowfall that easily filled up the road. According to the information received on 9 am at 8 am, 310 units are still waiting for the SDF and other reliefs in some sections.

(Reports from reporters of social department · Nakajo Takei)

The  snow’s momentum quickly weakened, the blue sky began to spread. The influence of the heavy snow caused the maximum 1,500 cars stuck at National Highway No. 8, but it decreased to about 310 at 9 am on the 8th of February. About 1,400 members of the Ground Self Defense Force are digging up one car at a scoop overnight and continuing the steady work of binding equipment with rope and pulling it. Because there are no evacuation centers nearby, most of the truck drivers spent two days inside their car.
Driver: “(Q. How are you doing in the toilet?) I walked to a convenience store, it’s 3 kilometers ahead.” “More than 40 hours … The SDF gave supplies. Bread or rice balls”
The announcement in Fukui prefecture on heavy snow alarms were already lifted. In the Hokuriku region, it is expected that snow will gradually cease in the afternoon.

source: ANN News

310 units still left to clear on 1500 cars stucked in snow
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