540,000 yen for 2 pieces kaki?

The fruit produced in Gifu, brand “Tenka Fubu” reached incredible 540,000 yen or about 17,500 Reais for 2 units.
The fruits that will go on sale at a department store and are considered extremely sweet, reaching 25 Brix degrees. Usually grapes and peaches arrive close to 20 degrees Brix. Persimmons usually have 16 Brix grus.

A Brix grade (1 ° Bx) is equal to 1g of sugar per 100g of solution, or 1% of sugar. A solution of 25 ° Bx has 25 grams of sucrose sugar per 100 grams of liquid.

Source: ANN NEWS

540,000 yen for 2 pieces kaki?
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