Aichi: Advanced Teacher Training

October 6 and 7, 2018

Advanced Teacher Training was held at Okazaki City Civic Center. Ms. Aurora Dobashi, renowned TESOL trainer and founder of FETJ Global spearheaded the workshop. An FETJ Global event indeed. The seminar was attended not only by Filipinos, also fellow English teachers from Ghana, America, Brazil, and Indonesia. Everyone gathered to be mentored by Ms. Dobashi, grateful and hearts-filled with more passion in teaching and updated set of teaching techniques. Congratulations are all in order for the FETJ GLOBAL – OKAZAKI Chapter for organizing this event. There were remarkable takeaways from this workshop, F – FINESSE E – team EFFORT T – Be TEACHERS that can be TAUGHT J – JOYFUL amount of energy that would make you love teaching even more! Be one of them! Be part of the team. Be a part of FETJ – GLOBAL! Like their page, FETJ – Global Okazaki and FETJ Global on facebook.

By: Mariz Monta

Aichi: Advanced Teacher Training
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