Couple arrested for selling counterfeited drugs

A case of a fake product known as “Herbony” for hepatitis C treatment is being sold to a pharmaceutical wholesaler, the Metropolitan Police Department is planning to arrest the couple who was arrested and prosecuted already before in Hiroshima Prefecture because of another drug-related case.
The couple whose names are: Yoshimi Kase (49) and Takayuki Kase (43) was reported and is caught that they sold two fake bottles containing a counterfeit of “Herbony” for hepatitis C treatment to a medical wholesaler in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo last January this year. According to investigators, the suspicion that two people were involved in the incident strengthened from the traffic records of the taxi that went back and forth between the office where fake medicine was brought in from the Tokyo station on the day of the incident plus the images of the security cameras in the vicinity. Herbony is said to be a medicine with less side effects and high effectiveness in treating Hepatitis C, but the price is so expensive which is approximately more than 1.5 million yen.

source: ANN News

Couple arrested for selling counterfeited drugs
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