Female Philippine jin, killed from a hit and run accident

A man in the city’s public elementary school 54-year-old principal was arrested in a case of a 50-year-old woman who died after being hit and killed in Kawaguchi city, Saitama Prefecture.

Itou, Josephine Rameda (56) of Philippine nationality who came on a bicycle on the street of Kawaguchi City was killed by a car from behind and died after on July 28, early morning. Although the car escaped as it is, the police were investigating as a hit-and-run incident, but Kawaguchi-shi Honcho Elementary School’s principal · Kanaka Tanaka who was driving the car from the time of the accident caught from a video of a security camera where some parts of the car were left in the scene that served as an evidence · Operation lethal etc. Those evidence were the key to the arrest of Mr. Tanaka who stated that at the time when he was driving, he was guilty of “drunk driving,”.

According to the suspect “I thought it was just a minor accident and i did not expect it to get worst,” and denied some of the charges. The police are investigating the situation of accidents in detail, such as the presence or absence of drinking.

Source; ANN News


Female Philippine jin, killed from a hit and run accident
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