Fire caught up in Gion town, KyotoCity

A fire broke out in Gion in Kyoto on the afternoon of May 12. The area is becoming turbulent in the bustle with tourists. It is reported from the site.

(Hamada Daichi Reporter Report)
Places where houses and restaurants that are densely populated are fire sources. About 2:30 PM, according to the fire department, “There is smoke coming from the second floor of the store” at a restaurant in the southern part of Gion Town, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City. The fire was almost extinguished in about two hours, but one woman is stuck in fire was injured. The cause of fire was believe to be caught in the vicinity of the coffee shop in the second floor where they had a wooden floor, good thing that there were no customers in the store at the time of fire. This neighborhood is close to Yasaka Shrine etc, and at the weekend many tourists visit, and at the time of fire, white smoke got on and it became turbulent.

Source: ANN News

Fire caught up in Gion town, KyotoCity
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