Sales and customer support service for mobile shops/ tele company

JOB 1 ☆ au Shop Toki
*Location: Gifu-ken Shimogi-shi

JOB 2 ☆ SB Shop Tajimi
*Location: Gifu-ken, Tajimi-shi

Working Schedule

①Weekdays 10-15 o’clock(Production: 3hours~work permitted)
②Weekdays 15-19 o’clock(Production: 3hours~work permitted)
③Weekends (Saturday, Sunday & Holidays) 10-19 o’clock(Production: 3hours~work permitted)

※①~③ Division and arrangements for these working schedules are possible
※We will hold consultations regarding the working schedules.
※Regarding work shifts, you are allowed to make request and it will be decided on monthly basis.

Hourly Salary

①¥ 1,000~
②¥ 1,200~
③¥ 1,400~
※(Example)Working on weekdays for 8 hours/day will be ¥8,800/day. Working on weekends and holidays for 8 hours/day will be ¥11,200/day.


※Those who are willing to work on weekends and holidays.
※Those who can work from 15 o’clock on weekdays.
※Those who are willing to work double job.
※A person who wish to work “Full-Time”(22 days/month×8hours/day)
※Full-time job is AVAILABLE(MONTHLY: ¥213,000~+annual BONUS 2 months payment~)
※Only full-time employees can receive housing allowance/monthly up to ¥30,000.


■Can speak, write, read TAGALOG language.
■Has a good Japanese/Nihongo communication skill.
■Visa: PERMANENT RESIDENT, working visa
■AGE limit: until 40 years old

■Please fill-up the application form below.
※Applications through phone is not accepted.
■We will inform you the date and time for interviews through phone call or mail.

Forte Group, Inc.

Achi ken, Nagoya shi, Nakaku Marunouchi 2-chome 14- 4 EXE Marunouchi 5F

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