Health risks in using humidifiers

if you do not clean it properly it says to spread molds and fungi together in the air inside the household

In this season when usage of heaters continues, humidifiers are popular. However, if you do not clean it properly it says to spread molds and fungi together in the air inside the household.  A humidifier is popular in usage together with the heaters in winter to keep the air in the room moist to prevent nasal and throat irriation because of dry air. It is extremely popular as being effective for treating influenza and nasal congestion. However, if you are not cleaning your humidifiers properly and occasionaly, it may be the cause for worsening one’s sickness or health condition.

Mold spores are a concern with running a cool mist humidifier. Cool midst humidifiers do not heat the water so bacteria are not killed. If a cool mist humidifier is not cleaned properly, mold spores can develop causes possible health complications such as a lung infection or an allergic reaction. Most mold in cool mist humidifiers manifests itself as a pink-colored film. When the humidifier is turned on, the spores can be sent into the air, effecting people in the room.

Mold Prevention and Solution

In order to prevent and treat mold growth in a cool mist humidifier a person should follow the manufacture’s daily cleaning instructions. The water basin should be emptied and left to dray daily. If there is visible mold, the user should take the humidifier apart and soak the parts that are able to be emerged in bleach-water to kill all bacteria. If the filter is brown in color or has pink mold, it should be replaced.


Do not leave water in the cool mist humidifier when it is not in use. Always leave the humidifier empty and able to air dry. Do not place a humidifier on tables or furniture if small children or pets are present.

Source: ann news, healthfully

Health risks in using humidifiers
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