Measles beginning to spread nationwide

The second patient was confirmed this year in Fukuoka prefecture, as the spread of “measles” spread in Okinawa Prefecture and Aichi Prefecture. Patients nationwide have risen to more than 100 people this year.

According to Fukuoka prefecture, the infection was confirmed in Fukuoka prefecture Kasuga city. High fever and rash appeared, and it was only diagnosed on 2nd of May this year. It is believed to have been infected in the prefecture. In Okinawa Prefecture, after the man who was traveling from Taiwan in March was diagnosed with measles, the infection has expanded from the store where he visited, so far affecting 88 patients that has been confirmed with this infection. Also, in Aichi Prefecture, a man who returned from Okinawa travel was diagnosed with measles, infection spread from the hospital where he visited, and 14 patients have been confirmed positive with measles so far. The number of measles patients nationwide this year is over 100, and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare calls attention of the public as it continues to rise.

Source: ANN News


Measles beginning to spread nationwide
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