NEW VISA: Opening to foreigners

NEW VISA: Opening to foreigners
It brings a draft amendment to the Immigration Control Act that slowly eases labor restrictions for foreigners who intend to come to Japan in order to work.
Members of central government and opposition parliamentarians have visited Gunma prefecture, where foreigners occupy more than 2.7% of the population. There, they listened to the requests of the government of Gunma (for the foreigners) that were:
1. Encouragement of learning Japanese
2. Maintenance of safety and preventions
3. Housing assistance
Meanwhile, the group of opposition (Yatou) parliamentarians visited farmers using the indonesian workforce.
The farmer reports that new employees are disciplined and are relieved of the burden of service on them.
Source: ANN News


Sano Office support for the following procedures:

✔︎Acquisition of Residence Status
Obtaining to Enter Japan
Entrepreneurial Stabilishment
Naturalization Foreign Residence
Certificate of Elegibility
Change of Residence Status
Extension of Period of Stay
Certificate of Authorized Employment
080-9485-0575 (Tagalog, English)
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NEW VISA: Opening to foreigners
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