Osaka: Intensity 6 Earthquake, 3 Dead and more than 300 people are injured

Three people including 9 – year – old girls have died, and more than 300 people are injured by the earthquake with the seismic intensity of the northern part of Osaka Prefecture with a maximum seismic intensity of less than 6.

Osaka city Kita-ku, Takatsuki-shi, Hiraku-shi, Ibaraki-shi, Minoh-shi were observed, while the intensity of seismic intensity was 5 in Kyoto city Nakagyo-ku, Fushimi-ku, Sakyo-ku, Osaka-shi Asahi-ku, etc. We are observing shakes in a wide range of the Kinki district. According to the Osaka Prefectural Police Department, at Toshikawa Elementary School in Takatsuki City, the fourth grader of Rena Miyake in this school was caught between the walls of the pool that collapsed, resulting in cardiopulmonary arrest, after which death was confirmed. Also, because the block fence collapsed in Osaka – shi Higashi – gawa Ward, 80 – year – old Mr. Minoru Yasui struck his head and died. In addition, in the city of Ibaraki, 85-year-old Motoi Goto has died. Mr. Goto was taken to the hospital under the shelf at home, but death was confirmed. According to the Fire and Disaster Management Agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, 260 people in Osaka Prefecture, 26 people in Hyogo Prefecture, 15 people in Kyoto Prefecture, 2 people in Shiga Prefecture, 2 people in Mie Prefecture, 2 people in Nara Prefecture and 307 people in total I am injured.

Source: ANN News

Osaka: Intensity 6 Earthquake, 3 Dead and more than 300 people are injured
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