Residents removed the debris of last night’s tornado in Shiga

On February 29, the Meteorological Agency’s investigation team visited the local area in Yonebara City, Shiga Prefecture, where major damage caused by a tornado gust of winds occurred.

(Okihara Chika Reporter Report)
Strong sunlight is shining out from the morning, striking against the rough weather on 29th. In the back house where the roof blew off, the debris on the second floor has been removed and restoration is underway at a rapid pace. In the image of the in-vehicle camera of the car which was stopped in the temple of the victimized temple, you can see the blue tin roof etc of the neighboring house hit by the strong wind hit the building of the temple. Up to now, eight boys and girls were injured in Maebaru City, and 85 houses were damaged. The Japan Meteorological Agency estimates this gust of wind as a “tornado.” (1) At dawn, the Japan Meteorological Agency dispatches seven investigation teams to the site and is working on checking damage scope and scale. Residents were forced to clean up such as debris removal from the morning.
Residents: “Because there is so much human resources, we can recover some of the debris, but we can not restore the building.”
There was also a heavy rainfall from the evening of 29th to the evening, there was also flooding in the house and removal of debris It seems that it will be difficult and take time to restore.

Source: ANN News

Residents removed the debris of last night’s tornado in Shiga
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