River floods in Hokkaido area due to Typhoon no.7

With the influence of Typhoon No. 7, heavy rain will continue mainly on western Japan on 4th. Meanwhile, in Hokkaido, influence has come out, such as river flooding due to the active rainy front.

Typhoon 7 is closest to the northern part of Kyushu on the evening of the 3rd, wind and rain strengthened mainly in western Japan. It is raining for one month in July, such as the amount of rain falling in 48 hours in the head of Toriagata and Tokushima Prefectures in Kochi prefecture exceeds 400 mm. Typhoon No. 7 that brought this heavy rain is on the northern side of Saninyoshin as of 4th, and it is predicted that it will gradually move away from Honshu. However, due to the warm, moist air blowing into the typhoon, there is a danger of heavy rain of 250 mm to 300 mm centered on the Tokai from Shikoku on 4th. Still wary vigilance is necessary for sediment-related disasters. Also, in Hokkaido, damages have been caused by the heavy rain of the Baiu front, such as the rainy season of the Ryuugin River and the Ishikari River. In Hokkaido, Typhoon 7 will be approaching from 4th night onwards, so there is a risk of heavy rain due to the anticipated rain clouds developed again. Strict warning is required for further river increase and flooding.

Source: ANN News

River floods in Hokkaido area due to Typhoon no.7
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