“Super Cool Shampoo” service only in Kuroda cafe Bivouac

The service where one can enjoy the shampoo using “shaved ice” started in Saitama prefecture Kumagaya city which recorded the highest temperature in history in Japan began.

They are serving this in “Kuroda cafe bivouac” of Kumagai City. It began on the 23rd which recorded the highest 41.1 degrees in domestic history. While experiencing Abema News’ Hatakeyama Naoki director was puzzled about his first experience, he had a cool expression with “I think it is pleasant when it’s hot.” It is a service that began with the desire to raise awareness of heat stroke prevention and to have a hot weather payment but at the facility we also offer limited time offering draft beer at “41 yen” named after the highest temperature in the city. Special service of shampoo and draft beer (10 first-come first served) from 3 pm until 29 th of this month. * Shaved ice shampoo is finished as soon as the offer is lost.

Source: ANN News

“Super Cool Shampoo” service only in Kuroda cafe Bivouac
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