Natto: Toro~ Mame Oishii

Of all the natto i’ve tried since I don’t like natto but trying my best to eat it because it’s good for the health, this one is my favorite.

The lid is filled with natto sauce, and you can remove the lid and pat it just by removing the lid. This is really easy! There is no sachet of sauce and there is no thin film on natto, so there is little trash.

I don’t like the small sachet of the sauce or the trash of the film, it’s sticky. Since natto is eaten every day, it is attractive that trash is easy to throw away.

It is easy to eat because there is no habit and children can eat it well. I’m glad that the beans are a little bit bigger and they are ready to eat and easy to mix. It costs around ¥181 to ¥203 for 3 pieces. Try it!

By:Miho Kurogi

Natto: Toro~ Mame Oishii
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