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1 Important Tip on travelling with Heavy Bulky Baggages single handedly.

Got problems with your heavy boxes or baggages pounded with too many pasalubongs for your loved ones? Did you know that you can have someone deliver it in the airport ahead of your flight for you? Here in Japan, all things, and when i said all. I mean ALL things are made easy for everyone’s convenience, from foods to trips, to activities of everyday living, almost everything. Every  person is subjected to live at their own pace without the hassle and struggle specially if they are living alone with no one to ask for favors, all they need is to phone up the specific agents and pay for the expenses and they could just let them do the magic. Because in Japan Time is Gold and they can’t afford to have delays.

When travelling to and from Japan, be it on a holiday trip or mostly are business trips, you can observe that most of them chooses not to bring too much unlike us Filipinos. Not only that we provide pasalubongs for our family, but also for the relatives, friends and even neighbors. Because that is how our tradition goes. Regardless if we are tight-budgeted or not. Here is one specific answer to your problem:

Use Airport Takkyubin: Airport delivery service.

There are various delivery companies in Japan, but one of the most-common and economical is Yamato Kureneko delivery service.


Takkyubin (TA-Q-BIN) is the term used for the Yamato delivery service. Using this service, we can send suitcases and heavy parcels from the airport to our hotel, or from hotel to the airport. In case of sending your things from the airport, reservations are not necessary, and they can also deliver them on the same day to some chosen areas. Yamato delivery service is available in Narita International Airport, Haneda Airport, and Kansai Airport. After you are done with the customs, just look for Yamato stall in the terminal you’re arriving at.

Sending your luggage to the airport


When you want to send your suitcases to the airport, the latest day to send them is 2 days before your departure date (3 days for certain areas). You can simply call Yamato before the shipping deadline, and they will need your information such as name, address, phone number, and the most convenient time slot you want your luggage to be picked up. You can also talk to an English speaking operator when you make a reservation call. (Hint: You can ask first, “Eigo ii desu ka?” or “Eigo o hanasu hito imasen ka?”, or something similar when they answer in Japanese).


121_main When they arrive on the requested day and time, they will give you some forms to fill. It is all written in Japanese, but they are very helpful in guiding you trough the form. Don’t forget to prepare your flight information because they need to know which terminal you will be depart from and around what time you will pick your luggage up. You can pay the delivery fee at the time you pick the luggage up. For a 23 kg luggage, the cost will normally be around 2,000-3,000 each. For smaller or bigger luggage or parcels, you can check the fees on their website.


Sending your luggage using this delivery service can be very helpful if you want to spend your first day strolling around Japan without carrying a bulky luggage, or when you want to travel home but your luggage is too heavy to carry from your hotel to the nearest station. Other options are also available, for example, you can drop off our luggage at the nearest convenience store and in addition, you can get 100-Yen discount from the delivery company!

For more information please visit their website. Click here to access: Yamato Airport Ta-Q-Bin

source: Jpninfo; Japantoday.




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