10 Minute Yoga Routine for a Good Night’s Sleep

yoga routine

Being mindful.  That’s the soul of Yoga. You deliberately become more aware of your breathing, of your body and how you are when doing yoga exercises. You may refer to the video below this post for a sample. It’s a very useful piece because it’s a 10 minute yoga routine session you can do before sleeping.  You can imagine how amazing that morning would be after you’ve had a deep and relaxing sleep the night before.

But how will you start a yoga session? 

First, you have to create your space and create the space within.  Try to find room where you can comfortably stretch out and lay a mat to perform the yoga exercises.  Next, wear really comfortable clothes which allow you to move around with and most likely sleep wearing it as well.  Create an environment that will help you focus inwardly.  Have the lights dimmed or you can have just one candle lit and just let some music soothe you.

You can also choose some scents that would complement your yoga session. Some suggestions include rosemary or mint nearby which you can crush and rub with your hands so the scent will waft around you during the session. You can also bring along your favorite incense through the motions and eventually, that level of relaxation where you feel every tense muscle relax and let go of the day’s challenges will start to sink in.

The most important part would be your breathing. Consciously taking deep breaths and letting it slowly pass would enable your body to listen to itself.  And during these very fast paced times of trying to be everything to meet everyone’s expectations – this sudden counterpoint of doing the opposite – of emptying yourself and being just focused on the constancy of your pulse, your heartbeat and your breathing, would balance things out.

Try having those 10 precious minutes of performing yoga, of just taking care of yourself for your own sake; is a gift that can lead you to a perfect night’s sleep.

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