The Only 2 Things You Should Put In Your Newborn’s Crib

There is perhaps nothing more important to you than keeping your baby safe and healthy. For nine months you took care of him while he was inside your tummy and now that he’s out in the real world, you’re even more vigilant when it comes to making sure he is well taken care of.

Two of the most common concerns of a new mom include crib choice and sleep safety. Before your baby even came to the world, you’ve probably researched about which kinds of cribs work and which kind don’t. It all boils down to simplicity – keeping the crib as bare as possible is the key, because your newborn doesn’t need much yet. Here are the only two essentials for your newborn:

Swaddle Blanket

Swaddling has been an age-old technique to calm and soothe babies. It can also help your baby sleep better because it prevents newborn babies from startling themselves awake from random arm movements. When it comes to choosing your swaddling blanket, make sure it is specific to the weather – it should not be too hot or cold. It’s best to choose cloths made of lightweight and breathable cotton. Good-quality, machine-washable blankets are also ideal.

When washing the swaddling blankets, make sure you choose dermatologically tested laundry detergent and fabric conditioner. This is tested to be suitable for your baby’s sensitive skin, with mild scents that are carefully chosen to be pleasing for babies and plant-derived softening actives to keep clothes and sheets soft enough for baby’s skin.

A Reliable Mattress

Now that your little one is all snug and cosy, time to look for a mattress. Your newborn will spend majority of his time sleeping, so it’s best to get him a crib with a matress that would be able to support his weight. You also need to make sure you get a mattress that will maintain its form well and provide excellent support for your baby. Try to look for quality mattresses with thicker, puncture-resistant coverings that are reinforced with organic cotton. This makes baby’s bed durable and comfortable. Don’t worry about it being too hard for baby. You can always use a tight fitting washable mattress cover that will give your child that cradling softness without compromising safety and durability.


There are a couple more things you might think your baby would need, like pillows, crib bumpers and stuffed toys – but these are common misconceptions. In the first few months of your baby’s life, what he needs most is a good night sleep. Avoid putting anything in the crib that might cover your baby’s face. A clutter-free crib without quilts and cushions is best to make sure he gets enough rest that will help him grow.


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