5 Alarming Signs Of Testicular Cancer That Men Are Ashamed To Talk About!

Talking about problems in the manhood is not one of the usual topics when men talk to each other. Most of them are ashamed to admit that they are having problems.

Nowadays, testicular cancer is one of the most common problems of many men. They do not want to talk about it because for them it is an embarrassment. According to the statistics, about 8, 720 men in the United States are estimated to be diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2016 alone.
Most of the health experts highly recommend that men take regular self-examination of their private areas.
Here is how you can do a self-exam: Hold your manhood out of the way and check each ball one at at a time. Place it between your fingers and thumbs of both hands and roll it between your fingers. Check if there are bumps or lumps or changes in the size.

The number of men suffering from this kind of cancer is rampantly increasing that is why men should not ignore these following signs:
1. There is a lump in you testicles.
2. The feeling that your scrotum is getting heavier
3. Feeling pain or pressure in the lower belly or groin
4. There are instances that the chests grows and it sores.

Important reminders:
– Take note that one of your testicles is normally larger than the other one.
– It is also normal that one of those two is hanging lower than the other.


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