5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Attack on Titan Live Action Movie

Attack on Titan Live Action Movie Cast
Attack on Titan Live Action Movie Cast

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This movie was based loosely on the manga series of the same title.  It is a Japanese dark action, fantasy, and horror film.  The film will be shown in two parts with the first one shown last August 1, 2015 and the second part to be shown on September 19, 2015.  The movie features Kiko Misuhara, Kanata Hongo, Haruma Mura and more. It is directed by Shinji Higuchi and written by Tomohoro Machiyama and Yusuke Watanabe.

It is an exciting movie and there are several reasons why you should watch the movie or wait for the DVD release.

First, you’d like to compare if the movie version is loyal to the plot in the anime series.  The anime or manga has a plot that’s full of twists and is very unpredictable as it keeps on changing with every episode which helps attract more followers to its already growing loyal fans.  It is very common for a movie version to deviate from the original plot so this is a good reason to find out whether or not you are going to rant or rave the movie on Facebook due to its faithfulness to the original story or not.

Second, you want to know if the live action is as good as the anime.  One of the reasons why this manga was very popular is because of its animation where viewers can actually feel as if they were truly witnessing events unfold in the anime series.

Third, you are interested to know if the supporting characters will be recognized in the movie.  There were so many secondary characters in this series and it would be interesting to see how the writer and the director will be able to show them all in the live movie version.

Fourth, you need to know if the live action movie is scary as the anime.

Fifth, you want to know if the movie used the same soundtrack in the anime.

So if you haven’t seen Attack on Titan live action movie yet, you better do so now!

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