A guy proposes and this is what they did..

It would be hypocritical to say we haven’t let technology interfere with important life moments: from traveling, to special occasions, to simple lunch dates with friends, we often let photos and videos and texts and posts come first.

In ‘Otherwise Engaged,’ a short film written and directed by Alicia MacDonald, a guy tries to propose from his girlfriend, Megan, atop a gorgeous hill overlooking a park and city skyline.

He gets down on one knee and begins his proposal, trying to get Megan’s attention through her headphones.
When she realizes he’s proposing, Megan stops him, whips out her phone, and presses record.
Once they’re engaged, they have to get a good selfie for social media. “I said yes! hashtag love hashtag no filter.”

Is this how proposals supposed to be with our growing technology? I can’t imagine how horrible it will be on the future? Engaging thru selfies and disengaging into reality, couples like this don’t realize what they truly miss while burying their faces into their smartphones and on-trend gadgets.

source: aplus,vimeo

watch the full short movie here:

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