An Introduction to Japanese Cooking

japanese cooking

Nothing is as refreshing and as distinct as Japanese cuisine.  It evolved into a pure identity that only uses the most minimal intrusion on cooking.  The main idea or pulse that envelops Japanese cooking would be freshness.  This is evident in the most famous and most recognizable as well as most simple to make dish, sushi.


So, it’ s a good thing, if you’re just beginning to learn how to cook Japanese cuisine to understand the ingredients needed in making sushi, the method of how to make this and as well the other dishes that complement it – you’ll be on your way to learning the more complicated dishes that Japanese cooking entails.

Start with the basic of basics, and this is rice.  Learn different kinds of rice and how each are washed clean, cooked and prepared for sushi.  After that, focus on fish.  Fish dominates the cuisine of Japan and they are prized for being as fresh as they possibly can.  They are also used as a broth and as staple as rice is.

Side Dish, Spices, Condiments, and Sauces

You can now start with typical Japanese meals. Try the side dishes called okazu which are served with rice and soup.  You can then also try your hand in experimenting with the spices, condiments and sauces that can make even steamed rice seem amazing.  The Japanese brand of mayonnaise will make any rice dish yummy, especially for the young ones.




After this, you can then start reading up about bento lunch boxes to encourage you to experiment not just with the taste but how they are also creatively served.  Just always remember that the taste has to be as near as to how fresh the ingredients were.  You can always, always have your knife skills sharpened up to make those lunches as fascinating as your imagination can make them.  Enjoy!

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