How to Avoid Dripping Wet Underarms

Is putting an end to underarm sweat something you are worried about? Are your underarms literally dripping with water and nothing you do seems to help? Then you have to read all this article and then follow through on the advice I’m about to give you if you’re very serious about figuring out how to prevent sweating!

First of all please note when I talk about sweaty armpits, I’m not talking about your standard daily sweating that everyone else does without anyone even seeing. I’m talking about having your armpits dripping with sweat and abnormally so. Doctors call this axillary hyperhidrosis and they presume it is caused by an over stimulation of the emotional nervous system.

With that out the way, let’s get into what you can do to help yourself eliminate and end sweaty armpits!

1. Obvious thing to say, but necessary – be certain you are clean and wearing clean clothes each day. You must be showering AT LEAST twice a day and if circumstances allow, whenever you need to. Make sure that you always put on freshly laundered underwear and clothes, so that your clothes are not carrying any stale odors.

2. Look closely at your diet. It’s well known that chili, garlic, alcohol, coffee and onions are all foods that stimulate the sweat glands. If these are foods that you commonly eat and you want to learn how to put an end to sweaty armpits and stop sweating, then you need to get rid of these types of foods from your diet as soon as possible.

3. Drop any excess weight and exercise! If you’re carrying more pounds you must be then your body is working harder to get rid of the toxins that it needs to and you are going to sweat more. So take up some exercise, which will make you sweat anyway, which is great due to the fact that you will remove some of the toxins.

4. My biggest piece of advice to you is this! If you really want to learn how to stop perspiration, then you have to cut stress from your life and stop sweating the big stuff as well as the small stuff.

Seriously, stress is most likely the largest cause for the people who have to deal with hyperhidrosis. Got a presentation to do at work? Worried you’re going to break out into a sweat in front of a room full of your work mates?

Worried you’re going to lose your way and start talking nonsense? Then this will cause drops of sweat from any person who is trying to end sweating. Prepare yourself for what you have to do and get help to help you control your panicking.


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