The Best of Aichi: Fine Food

Aichi is a repository of all the fine flavors of Japan. It’s easy to enjoy great dining!


#1. Nagoya-meshi

In Nagoya, visiting gourmets seek out Nagoya-meshi cuisine. Distinctive dining experiences include: hitsumabushi, which provides three delicious ways of enjoying finely sliced boiled eel; tebasaki kara-age, ever-popular crisp fried chicken wings; tenmusu, bite-sized rice balls containing delicious shrimp tempura; ankake supa, thick firm noodles in a delicious sauce; and miso katsu, breaded pork cutlet with Hatcho Miso sauce.


Although popular all over Japan, Nagoya cooking is best enjoyed in Nagoya!


#2. Blowfish

Just offshore from the Chita Peninsula, particularly good blowfish are caught around the islands of Himakajima, Shinojima, and Sakushima. As winter approaches, you can dine on fresh blowfish at affordable prices.



#3. Nameshi Dengaku

Radish leaves, finely cut, are mixed with rice to make nameshi. Meanwhile, for the dengaku, tofu lightly coated with Hatcho miso is broiled. The fresh flavors from the land are a local gourmet treat.




Source: Aichi-kanko

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