The Best of Aichi: Industry Advanced Technology

Led by global TOYOTA, Aichi is home to some of the world’s most advanced technology.

Come and get a feel for peerless industrial craft.

#1. TOYOTA plant tour and TOYOTA Kaikan Museum, Toyota City

In addition to displays of the latest technology in TOYOTA Kaikan Museum, if you book ahead, you can take a factory tour. You can see welding and assembly processes on the production line, close up!


Visit and take a look on TOYOTA Kaikan Museum Exhibits

#2. Robots, TOYOTA Motor Corporation

In 2010, at the Shanghai Expo, TOYOTA Motors Corporation exhibited partner robots designed to provide support in daily life. Robots with a familiar bipedal shape are easy to like and, they can play the violin.

#3. Brewery Tours, Nagoya City and Kiyosu City

Take a guided tour around the facilities where Japan’s famous brands are brewed. You can see how strict quality control is enforced from selection of raw materials to final flavor, and end by sampling a freshly made brew.


Kirin Brewery, Nagoya City

For Kirin Brewery Tours: Make reservations here!

#4. TOYOTA Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology, Nagoya City

Through exhibits of textile machinery and various automobiles, trace the evolution of Japanese industry and technology. This helps you to realize the wonder and importance of both “the spirit of being studious and creative” and “making things”.


Take a peek on TOYOTA Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology: Museum Infos, Guide, and Map Here!

Source: Aichi-kanko

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