The Best of Aichi: Industry Traditional Skills

The spirit of industry lives on from times long past.

The flowering of traditional culture.

#1. Arimatsu Tie-dyeing, Nagoya City

Since the feudal period, Arimatsu has been famous for making tie-dyed goods. You are sure to enjoy a stroll through the old town. Bound with string, silk, and cotton fabrics are dyed to create patterns from he wrinkles. Small tie-dyed products are great authentic souvenirs.

#2. Noritake Garden, Nagoya City

This complex of facilities has been opened at the birthplace of the modern ceramics industry. Besides viewing the galleries, you can also try your hand at things like pottery and painting. Resplendent with affordable bone china, the outlet corner is also popular.

“Discover the culture rest in the forest.”

– Noritake Garden, Nagoya City

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#3. Tokoname Pottery, Tokoname City

The city of Tokoname is one of Japan’s foremost pottery towns. It is known for producing reddish popes and tiles, and bricks are also made. At the INAX factory there are tour and museum facilities. Tokoname is Japan’s largest producer of Maneki Neko, cat figures that attract good fortunes.

#4. Seto Pottery, Seto City

The city of Seto is Japan’s foremost region of pottery production, so much so that the name of the city is part of the word “setomono“, a generic word for pottery in Japan. Seto pottery usually features painting on a white field. At the Setogura Museum, through display panels and hands-on experience, you can enjoy finding out about setomono.


Source: Aichi-kanko

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