The Best of Aichi: The Shopper’s Paradise

From the airport to local shopping arcades, Aichi is the shopper’s paradise!

#1. Osu Shopping Arcade, Nagoya City

Crammed into the arcades, including eateries, are about 1,100 shops selling everything from clothing, sundries, and computers. On rainy days, you don’t need an umbrella because the entire arcade is covered. The recycle shops selling used brand goods are popular.

#2. Sakae, Hotbed of Fashion, Nagoya City

Nagoya’s premier downtown area is full of shops including flagship boutiques, luxury department stores, and shops devoted to leading worldwide brands.

How to get there:

Get off at Sakae Station on the Nagoya Subway, Higashiyama Line or Meijo Line

#3. Nagoya Underground Shopping Malls, Nagoya City

At Nagoya Station and Sakae, below street level, you can explore an expanse of shops extending in every direction. Stay out of the rain, or be cool in summer while, checking out the diverse range of shopping, from drugstores to fashion experiences, boutiques and cafes.

#4. Digital Cameras and Consumer Electronics, Nagoya City

Around Nagoya Station and in Sakae and Osu are numerous shops selling electrical goods. Many offer the convenience of tax-free shopping.


#5. Central Japan International Airport (Centrair), Tokoname City

Called Sky own, the fourth floor of the terminal building is lined with various shops and restaurants: everything from fine dining on local specialties to global brand goods.


Source: Aichi-kanko

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