A Brief Background about Municipal Kindergartens in Japan

Municipal Kindergartens in Japan

Sa bansang Japan, napakahalaga para sa kanilang maunlad na lipunan ang tinatawag na hoiku. This is a Japanese term that pertains to the education and care of their beloved citizenry for over 130 years. It is equivalent to an early childhood education o ECE.  However, this is strictly distinguished from the early stages of an early childhood education as in the case of municipal kindergartens in Japan.


History of Kindergarten in Japan

Para sa kabatiran ng lahat, ang pinakaunang kindergarten sa bansang ito ay itinatag noong taong 1876. This was initially attached to the Tokyo Women’s National School.

From then on, it served as a primal model of preschool. Accordingly, the first kindergarten school in Japan had universally adopted the Froebel’s Gifts into its basic curriculum. In the beginning, these schools only served the upper middle class. But at the end of the 19th century, Japan’s Ministry of Education had seen the dramatic growth of these schools. Consequently, the said Japanese agency had issued the first Regulations on Kindergarten Contents and Facilities in 1899.

In the city of Nagoya alone, there are currently 23 municipal kindergartens in Japan attended by around 2,150 children. Children are accompanied by their parents whenever they go to the said educational institution.  These kindergarten schools start their classes at exactly 8:45 until 2:00 P.M.  Meanwhile, their childcare hours begin at 2:00- 5:00 P.M. only.

Do you want to enroll your child this coming school year? Here’s what you should do.


How to Enroll

Each year, application guidelines are announced every September. Along this line, municipal kindergartens in Japan are distributing forms. After which, these are accepted in late October. Likewise, the easy to follow enrollment procedures are held in every kindergarten school. Thus, if there are vacant slots, the acceptance of enrollment applications are still very much welcome.


Para sa iba pa ninyong mga karagdagang katanungan, maaari kayong tumawag sa inyong napupusuang municipal kindergarten o sa Teaching Personnel Division sa Board of Education ng inyong siyudad.


Municipal kindergartens in Japan are the initial rudiments leading to the holistic development of every Japanese children and lets them explore their potentials just like every colorful chapter of a fairy tale story.


Image By By Emran Kassim from Nagoya, Aichi, Japan (Parent’s day at Eirfan’s Kindergarten) CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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