Covid Infection in Tokyo predicted to exceed 13,000 people per day in mid-August

With the replacement of the new coronavirus Omicron strain with BA.5,
which is said to have stronger infectivity, the number of newly
infected people in Tokyo will be 13,000 per day by mid-August. The
research team of Nagoya Institute of Technology has put together a
prediction that it will exceed the above figure. The number of deaths
is expected to increase from less than 5 per day to about 20 deaths
per day in September, mainly among the elderly.

Medical Engineering Professor Akimasa Hirata of the same university
Professor Hirata points out, “There is a high possibility that it will
be the” 7th wave “of the spread of infection in the summer. It is
important to steadily proceed with the fourth vaccination to prevent
the elderly from becoming seriously ill.”

SOURCE: Yomiuri Shinbun (online) 2022/07/07

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