Cutting Your Bangs: Doing It the Right Way

Clipped Scotsman/

We all wonder why bangs grow so fast. Why should you waste money every time just to visit the salon? When you could just cut it all by yourself at home? Here are some tips!

Step 1: Start with washing and drying your hair.
Step 2: Hold a section of hair between your fingers. If your bangs go straight across, keep your fingers horizontal. If they are more slanted, your fingers should be at an angle, too.
Step 3: Use trimming scissors to allow yourself more control. So, you won’t be able to accidentally cut off a massive portion of your hair.
Step 4: Never cut across your forehead horizontally with the scissors. Grasp the scissors vertically, and cut into the bangs. Your hair will look relaxed and better that way.
Step 5: Take your time, no need to rush. You could always trim it later.
Step 6: Start at the center of your temple and trim outward until you reach the middle of your eyebrow. Then do the same to the other side. Never ever chop your bangs past your eyebrows.

Always remember, you don’t have to waste your money and worry about your time just to visit the salon. You can always do it by yourself at home.

Image: Clipped Scotsman/

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