DIY Summer Outdoor Games for Kids

Looking for ways to keep the entire family busy, connected, and having fun this summer? Here are some DIY Games for Outdoor Family Fun! Many of these DIY projects can utilize little helpers in their making. Make it a full-family affair from start to finish and enlist the help of your kids to create these games.



Note: Click each title for tutorial links!

Paint and play with your kids! Happy summer!

#1. DIY Backyard Jenga Tutorial


There are several outdoor jenga game tutorials available on the web, but this one is my favorite! This YouTube tutorial by DIY Dork shows how to create a DIY Outdoor Jenga Game AND a cute box/stand to go with it.

#2. DIY Giant Matching Memory Game


Studio DIY created a giant matching memory game using cork tiles, stencils, and spray paint.



#3.  DIY Outdoor Stone Tic-Tac-Toe Game


This is definitely something the kids can help you make! Chicken Scratch blog painted river rocks to resemble bees and ladybugs (for the X’s and O’s) and used a tree stump as her tic-tac-toe game board.


#4. Outdoor Twister Tutorial


Create a temporary lawn twister game using a stencil made from a cardboard box and four different colors of spray paint.

This summer, you can have the most fun and memorable quality time with your family and create extra bond with each other while helping your kids to learn creative and resourceful skills. Summer isn’t just about swimming and getting your body wet in pools and the beach. You can always create “FUN” even inside your territory or in parks while having a nice grill.


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