Dog and Cat Breeds in Japan

The top two pets in Japan, and honestly, I believe in the whole world – are cats and dogs.  Some also think that they can match people’s personalities on which pet they prefer.  Without a doubt, even with allergies, having one or both or many of them in a household brightens everything up and teaches a lot of values, especially the importance of being kind.

We’ve looked up the most admirable breed of native dogs in Japan and to balance this out, we searched the most popular breed of cats in the country as well.  You can very well choose which breed you’d like and Google up the images to see how adorable and distinct each one is.

Most Popular Dog Breed in Japan

The most popular native Japanese dog breed would be the Akita.  Its popularity boosted up by the movie with the same title. They are typically the Northern type where they are rigorously built for the cold weather. They are known to be very loyal and very smart.  Aside from this, they are also said to be obedient and brave.  Their temper is also calm and considerate making them very ideal companions for young children.

The other native Japanese dog breeds share a similar virtue and they are the Shiba inu, Shikoku inu, Kai inu, Kishu inu, Hokkaido inu, Tosa inu and finally the Akita inu.  If you’d lke to now more about the Akita breed, you can go to the Japan Kennel Club website or watch the movie and revel in its true story.

Popular Cat Breeds in Japan

cat breeds in japan

credit:, Ehime Prefecture (Shikoku), Aoshima – Japan’s Cat Island

Now comes the cats that Japan adores.  Just by seeing how Hello Kitty is so popular, no one would wonder if someone had more than one cat in a household. So, far the lovely felines and their top breeds haven’t changed too much through the years.

Look them up and choose which one suits your fancy and your personality as well.  You can look for the following: Scottish Fold, American Shorthair, Mixed breeds, Munchkin, Russian Blue, Norwegian Forest Cat, Ragdoll,  Maine Coon, Persian and the  Japanese Bobtail.

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