Do’s and Don’ts in Order to Save Money in Japan

save money while living in japan

Living in Japan, or even visiting as a tourist, particularly in Tokyo, is really expensive. This city is even considered as one of the most expensive cities on Earth.

But living in Japan can also be enjoyable and manageable if you know how to go with the flow and how to follow the dos and don’ts to save money while working or living in this side of the world.


Do’s while Living in Japan

Save on electricity. Many will agree that Japan is rich in natural resources but the electricity bills are costly. So turn off your television, radio, computer or any appliance when not in use. There are numerous alternatives you can resort to in order to save power and reduce your monthly electric bills. You can minimize heater usage during winter by wearing several layers of clothing. You should also always pay attention to major electrical appliances such as the air-conditioning, heating, ventilators, and more. Regular maintenance helps reduce electricity consumption.

Buy food in supermarkets prior to closing time. Why is this advisable? Because most supermarkets in Japan offer discounted prices to products and goods, particularly perishable foods as closing time approaches. But don’t worry. None will offer expired products. Most discounted consumable goods include fresh and ready-made products like side dishes, sashimi, bento boxes and meat.

save money in japan through 100 shops


Shop in 100 yen shops, also known as hundred coin shops. This is where you can find amazing yet affordable products such as cleaning supplies, box curtains, cable management supplies, magnetic hooks, small item cases like pouches, organizer boxes and holders, and many other usable products.


Don’ts while Living in Japan

Don’t buy a car. This is the first thing you must remember. Automobiles in Japan are very expensive including registration, driver’s training, insurance, taxes, maintenance and other related expenditures. If you want to save money on transportation, use public transport systems or ride a bike.

save money in japan through biking

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Don’t buy a beer. These types of products bear high taxes which are of course passed on to consumers.

These are just some of the dos and don’ts to save money while living or touring in Japan.

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