Tea Can Cure Almost Everything!

Tea is an aromatic beverage commonly prepared by pouring hot or boiling water over cured leaves of the Camellia sinensis, an evergreen shrub native to Asia. Tea is officially awesome for your health. It can boost exercise endurance which means it increases the body’s ability to burn fat as fuel. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer.

Green Tea

It has powerful flavonoids and antioxidants that is capable with battling diseases. Researchers claims that green tea could boost your metabolism and help with weight loss.


It has anti-inflammatory properties that can be an alternative medicine for digestive ailments. It is the most popular sleep aid.

Elder Flower

It is used for sinusitis, colds, influenza, swine flu, bronchitis, diabetes, and constipation. It is also used to increase urine production (as a diuretic), to increase sweating (as a diaphoretic), and to stop bleeding. It works like insulin to lower blood sugar.

Lemon Balm

It is a perennial herb from the mint family. The leaves, which have a mild lemon aroma, are used to make medicine. It is used for upset stomach, bloating, intestinal gas, vomiting, menstrual cramps, headache, toothache, anxiety, hysteria, melancholia, Alzheimer’s disease, tumors, hyperactivity, high blood pressure and insect bites.

Ginger Tea

It is best for stomach soothing. It may help settle your stomach and relieve motion sickness and morning sickness.


It helps with hormonal skin problems such as acne. It boost estrogen levels which helps to prevent these problems and clear your skin. By drinking and adding it to your bath water, it can soothe burns, rashes and other skin inflammation.

Tea has enough reasons to swap out cups of coffee. The health benefits it offers is best. So, if you’re a tea drinker, then you’re doing something good for yourself.

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