Fil-Jap Model conquered Mr. World Japan 2015!

Fil-Japanese model is Mr. World-Japan 2015


John Yamanouchi

MANILA – A Filipino-Japanese model has recently won the title Mr. World-Japan.

John Yamanouchi will be representing Japan in the Mr. World competition next year.

John Yamanouchi gives the thumbs up sign after winning the Mister World-Japan 2015 title got in touch with Yamanouchi’s Filipina mother as the model begged off to be interviewed at the moment.

“I’m very happy and I’m really a proud mom,” Joselyn Yamanouchi said.

John represented Saitama in the Mr. World-Japan.

To some, Joselyn’s eldest resembles Japanese singer/actor Matsumoto Jun, more popularly known as one of the main characters in Hana Yori Dango.

According to his mother, John has been modeling in Tokyo and even in Manila for popular international brands for seven years now.

But aside from modeling, Joselyn said John is a very good basketball player from high school to college.

“Dream niya talaga is to become a professional basketball player,” she said.

As far as she knows, this is the first time that her 27-year old son has joined a competition like Mr. World Japan.

But she clarified that in the family, John is not the first to try international pageants.

John Yamanouchi’s sister, Reynalyn was also a finalist at the 2012 Mutya ng Pilipinas

His two younger siblings–Jeffrey, 24 and Reynalyn, 23–represented the Filipino community in Japan in pageants in the Philippines.

John Yamanouchi’s brother, Jeff, was a finalist at the 2013 Mr. International Philippines

Jeffrey was a finalist at the 2013 Mr. International Philippines and Reynalyn was also in the top 10 of the 2012 Mutya ng Pilipinas.

Joselyn, 48, and her 50-year old husband have been very supportive of their children’s endeavors.

Her children also grew up embracing her Filipino heritage. She also taught them the value of family.

“I’m proud of my kids,” she said. She added that her children also extend help to relatives by sending “baon” to their cousins in the Philippines.

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source: Abscbn, yahoo
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