Foreign Single Mother: NPO Assist

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For foreigners living in Japan, it is really not a joke to commingle with the Japanese nationals and their customs. Many had experienced language barriers, discrimination, bullied, and abandoned. These cases were also common for some Japanese nationals as well.

Every single mothers in Japan have their own reason and issues to raise their children alone. Whatever reason they may have, there are NPO’s designated particularly in their area. Single moms can visit their offices and seek an advice or help.

NPO in Kanagawa

In Kanagawa particularly in Yokohama, they have a very supportive community. Occasionally, they held a gatherings for foreigners. Everybody are welcome to join and build a long lasting friendship with all the members.

Advantage from Joining International Communities
  • Speak with Your Mother Tongue
    Although you can’t meet someone the same with your language, 100% you can communicate well with them. They almost speak English, but if not, they have volunteers that can speak your language. They are trained to keep private matters confidential, so don’t hesitate to share or ask your concerns. They give you guidance, held your hand and walk you through solving any problems you may have.
  • Inspirational, Learning and Resourceful
    Joining the group doesn’t mean you come there only if you have problems. Lots of international single mothers joined the group to hang out and enjoy. Normally they assist and share with you their experiences that you can adopt. You’ll learn a lot of things: educating and raising your kids, dealing with Japan rules and regulations, important agencies to go for emergencies, hospital and health concerns, and a lot more.However, there are some serious issues that NPO themselves cannot provide legally such as: relationship with your husband, divorce, widowed, battered wife, or money matters. Japan government assigned a legal services in any municipalities. Do not be shy to whisper to your NPO’s, they are willing to assist you before your problem gets worst.
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