Halloween Cocktails for Your Halloween Evening

Planning to throw and host a party these coming Halloween season? Leave the famous candy treats for the lovely adorable kids and treat the grown-ups for an extremely great Halloween drinks!  Here are some cool and fun blood dripped  Halloween cocktail ideas for your Halloween Party! Make it even more spicy with eyeball garnish!


El Diablo 


Despite its name, the only thing devilish about this tequila cocktail is how easily you can slurp one down. Even traditional margarita drinkers will have to admit that the combination of sweet crème de cassis, earthy tequila, bright lime, and spicy ginger beer is a stroke of utter genius.

Recipe: El Diablo


Caramel Apple Punch


This autumn punch calls for just four ingredients—apple cider, spiced rum, lemon juice, and a sliced apple (naturally) for garnish.

Recipe: Caramel Apple Punch


Chocolate Malted Martini


Rich and creamy, this decadent cocktail—made with chocolate syrup and vodka—will bring out your dark side.

Recipe: Chocolate Malted Martini


Vampire Punch


A generous dash of juicy pomegranate seeds adds a sweet-tart bite to every cup.

Recipe: Vampire Punch


Deviled Margarita


A cayenne-spiced salt rim gives this easy margarita its heat.

Recipe: Deviled Margarita

Bloody Maria


Shake up your usual brunch time beverage with a shot of tequila instead of vodka.

Recipe: Bloody Maria

Happy Halloween!

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