Halloween in Japan – a Newly Popularized Holiday Celebration

halloween in japan

Halloween has never been as colorful or as fashionable as it is celebrated in Japan.  Although the common global idea when it comes to celebrating Halloween is largely towards kids and candies, the edge of celebrations in Japan caters mostly to young adults and those young at heart.

You’d immediately notice that it’s creepy Hallow’s Eve when you step out the door and find a mummy, a ghost, a decapitated swordsman or a zombie walking down the street. You’ll also meet people in costume at the bus stop or even when catching that jam-packed train. Hopefully, the trick or treating will catch on soon but since it’s a relatively a new holiday celebrated in Japan, it may take some time for this to happen.

You can definitely make your own costume or get that black cat look using your makeup kit or what’s available at home. YouTube is always a good place to start being resourceful and delight in the discovery of what you can be on this holiday. You can even throw a party or be in one to make it more fun.

Just be the cutest or the creepiest favorite character you’d like to be and swagger your coolness at the office or where you hangout. Bearing a good, bloody scar or being that emoji would suffice. It’s a chance to go cray-cray without being judged as so. Have fun and you can start having those treats ready.  At the very least, your friends and family might get the hang of it and start giving treats as well the next time Halloween rolls along.

If you plan to go to Shibuya, that’s where the Halloween in Japan capital is currently pegged on, you can see how creative costume play makes Halloween as real as it can get. Drawing inspiration from popular movies, anime and manga – you can see these characters come alive and people just having fun swimming in the celebration of being fearless and facing their own illusionary nightmares.

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