Healthy Habits That You Do And Must Do

As the New Year kicks off, it’s easy to get excited and overwhelmed by the new promises and commitments that’ll make 2016 your best year yet. Want to lose a couple pounds doing the healthy way?

But as you set these intentions for yourself, don’t forget to acknowledge the awesome stuff you’re already doing for your health and happiness. The healthy habits we do rarely get much recognition, they’re the building blocks for your new resolutions.


#1. Fit to exercise.

You may not realize it, but you’re already working toward your fitness goals every time you walk to work, take your dog for a stroll or go out for a night of dancing . Even everyday activities like grocery shopping or cleaning your house is a form of exercise.


#2. Saving money.

Have you set up a regular automatic transfer to your savings account? Awesome! For most people finances are just no fun and our inboxes are constantly flooded with enticing deals, it can be hard to save money. So give yourself props for contributing no matter how little to your piggy banks.


#3. Giving back.

It’ always better to give that to receive. Volunteering offers a load of health benefits. It makes you happier and it brings you good karma. Whether you’ve donated toys to kids in need over the holidays or contributed to your coworker’s for Survival team. Always keep in mind that you did a great job in the past year.


#4. Being a glass half-full kind of person.

Work stress, friend breakups, and body image issues have one thing in common, its that they can seriously get you down and they’re hard to avoid or even impossible to overcome. But if you’re the kind of person who pushes through it all, thanks to the power of your own positivity specially when you’re a friend that can lean on then you’re doing it right.


#5. Taking care of yourself.

Some might count getting a massage, hitting up a salon, or taking a vacation. While they for sure land in the “treat yourself” camp, they’re by no means selfish acts, in fact, they can all play a part in self-care. “Our well-being is our own responsibility as grown-ups,” says life coach Christine Hassler,  “And the better we take care of ourselves, the better we are able to show up in the world and truly love and serve others.


#6. Setting goals.

Napoleon Hill said, “A goal is a dream with a deadline.” Though it’s sometimes easy to forget about the deadline part of the equation, you deserve props for even having the dream whether that means running your first 5K, nailing a handstand, or blasting through a boxing session.


#7. Cooking for yourself.

Calling for delivery may win out more often than not, but preparing a meal for yourself once or twice a week deserves a round of applause. Research shows that when you cook at home, you’re likely cutting back on calories, sodium, and fat and saving money in the process.


#8. Being grateful.

Experts believe and suggest that expressing gratitude can improve relationships and can boost happiness. So it’s safe to say that an attitude of gratitude is good for you. It’s something to be proud of even if it’s not something you focus at all times.


#9. Always learning.

The act of learning is the act of loving life,” says Lauren Zander. Hassler points out that learning nixes boredom, stretches the mind, and challenges us, all of which can boost feelings of fulfillment. So be proud of watching The History Channel, listening to podcasts during your commute, or signing up for a class on a site like Skillshare.


#10. You organize.

If there’s one thing the much discussed book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up brought to light this past year is that an organized life is a happier one. So if you’ve spent even a small part of 2015 decluttering, cleaning out your closet, or tackling the pile of paperwork on your desk, you’re making your life great!

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