Historic Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal Signed – China Not Included

The biggest trade deal in global history was signed last February 2016 that caused the yoking of 12 Pacific rim countries. This was a US-inspired initiative which will eventually lead to wrestle China’s influence for good. Kaugnay ng balitang ito, ang Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal ay naglalayong bawasan ang taripa at alisin ang mga trade barriers upang lubusang magkaroon ng 40 percent leverage in our global economy. But, it is unfortunate that it does not include Beijing, the capital city of China.

According to reports, “TPP allows America-and not countries like China to write down the rules of the road in the 21st century.”

This was the keen observation of US President Barack Obama after the momentous treaty was signed in Auckland, New Zealand. How did this trade deal begin? Ito ay bunsod ng tinatawag na domestic opposition in the US and other key players like Japan. Ang nasabing bansa ay tinatawag na  pivot  link to Asia upang malunsad ng isang matinding counter attack laban sa bansang China.

Insofar as the rebalancing scheme of a US military machine towards the influential Western Pacific Region, The TPP is a clear reflection of China’s ever-growing global dominance and power. As such, ang Tsina ay nagpapatuloy sa kanyang maimpluwensiyang pagkontrol sa nasasakupang rehiyon na siya namang lubos na makakaapeto sa American influence sa  pangkalahatan.

The trade deal itself will significantly harness the positive effects of free trade in a so-called dynamic world. Thus, this intends to fend off China’s supremacy. It was duly signed by 12 participating countries including Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Singapore and the United States among others.  On the other hand, China remains to be mum on the issue until they have critically studied the 6,000- page document.

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