5 Ways for Filipinos in Japan to Communicate with Relatives in the Philippines

how pinoys in japan can communicate with relatives in the philippines

Leaving the place where you grow up, working outside the Philippines and living away from your family can be really depressing. The feeling of having parents and siblings at home and friends outside is a priceless gift. So I can truly understand how Pinays living in Japan feel while away from everyone in the Philippines. Worry not as there are many ways on how to communicate with your relatives in the Philippines.

In the past, most of our love ones living or working outside the Philippines relied upon snail mail, telegrams and payphones. Today, all you need is the Internet to connect with anyone around the world, including Japan.

Facebook and Social Media

There are numerous applications and social media platforms you can use to communicate with relatives in the Philippines wherever and whenever you want. Many social media sites offer options for communication such as Facebook, the most common medium available to stay connected with family and friends. Facebook lets you chat and even call.

communication options from japan to the philippines

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Skype and Other Messenger Applications

Skype also is another popular medium for communication being used today. In Skype, you can chat and call your loved ones as if you’re just facing each other through video.

Other messenger apps you can download on your computer or smartphone include the following:

WeChat.  This messaging application includes the basics of group chat, push-to-talk voice messages and video calls.

Viber. This app is widely known because of its video and voice calls as well as text chat with cute emoticons. This app is very suitable to connect with your group of friends and even young relatives like teenagers in the Philippines.

GroupMe. From its name, it is all about group messaging. You can use this app to share photos, text-based chats and videos with a group of other users using the same application.

These are just five ways for Pinays to connect with relatives in the Philippines. There are more options available out there which can suit your preferences and needs.


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