How Halloween in the Philippines is Celebrated

halloween in the philippines

In a country as vibrant and colorful as the Philippines, you can expect Halloween to be all out as well. Even though this is a relatively new holiday that’s only beginning to get widely popular, most Pinoys will have a smashingly fun time bringing the scary and the happy all in one Hallow’s Eve.

Village or Barrio Halloween

It all starts right in your own neighborhood. Usually, the private villages or the more active barangays throw a late afternoon trick or treating for the kids and the occasional teen or adult who’d like to have more candy than they can carry. It’s an absolute delight to see numerous little fairies, angels, witches, werewolves and all kinds of super heroes toddling along or running from one house to the next.

Halloween in Malls

The malls are the next place to check out.  If walking around in the neighborhood tires you out, the air-conditioning in a mall will carry one through visiting one store after another with freebies and treats. This can get complicated if Halloween promos and parties at malls and similar areas only acknowledges the really young ones. But at least, the older kids can still go around and accompany the younger ones.

Halloween Parties at Night

As evening roll by, adults and everyone of legal age can just choose the nearest bar or party or event that’s happening all over Metro Manila and the rest of the archipelago.  Usually, the coolest way to cap the evening would be to attend a rock concert or swing by an open party where one is required to be in costume.  Just go easy on the drinks but have a blast with the food that’s as creepy but extraordinarily yummy during these gatherings. The fake blood and fake gore are still dominantly the popular themes. But donning a mask or a fake fatal wound or two is more than enough to get you into the fun of having a blast during Halloween in the Philippines.

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